Sunday, November 2, 2014

Little Rude Riding Hood

          We often correlate Red Riding Hood's questions with her sheltered life, or to some people her stupidity. But what if she was just being rude?

          In this cartoon by Thaves, the Brothers Grimm's Little Red Cap has been changed to Little Rude Riding Hood. I find this comic rather funny and different from the actual character the Brothers Grimm wrote. In the original tale, Little Red Cap is a young, naïve, unsuspecting girl who can be easily swayed off of her path. In the beginning of the story her mother reminds her to have manners, saying, “And when you enter the room, don’t forget to say good morning, and don’t go peeping in all corners.”  Further in the story, Little Red Cap does question her grandmother, but I believe that it is more from her curiosity and since she has grown up so sheltered by her mother. Red asked the questions because she was still a young girl, who are inquisitive. The girl in the story, however, is not the girl in the comic. 

          In this cartoon, Little Rude Riding Hood is quite the opposite. She is blunt and rude to her grandmother. The fact that she also hasn’t noticed that her grandmother was a wolf makes me question her intelligence, but this same point adds to the humor of the comic. I think this social comic also reflects how the younger generations lack of manners to their elders.  This was a message that the Brothers Grimm tried to convey in their stories as well. 

This comic was created by Thanves and published on May 6, 2009.

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