Sunday, November 23, 2014

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Hair

When looking for a cartoon about Rapunzel there were some interesting options, but they all seemed to revolve around the same topic: hair. Some had hair growing out of Rapunzel’s, some had her long hair coming from her armpits. There were some every shocked Princes and also a stylists or two that would come to call to Rapunzel, saying it was time for her conditioning.  In both the original Grimm tale as well as in the movie, Rapunzel’s hair serves as a tool for people to use her as. In the Grimm tale, her hair is used to pull up the Prince and Mother Gothel. While the long hair is a symbol for beauty, it was also her connection to the outside world. In the Disney movie, her hair serves as more than just transportation to the top of the tower. Rapunzel’s hair’s rejuvenating and healing powers are what cause Mother Gothel to kidnap her in the beginning of the film, and keep her isolated in the tower.

          I thought that this comic was rather appropriate, in a feminist way. One of her main purposes in both stories is to be used by those around her and in this comic, Rapunzel is refusing to be used. She is standing up to her Prince, saying she would rather, “shave [her] head,” and beg for coins at an airport before she allows herself to be used, “as a stepping stone.”  This comic shows Rapunzel standing up for herself.  In the Grimm version of the tale, Rapunzel defies Mother Gothel by seeing the Prince and becoming pregnant, but she does not stand up for herself in the end. In the Disney movie, Rapunzel does stand up to Mother Gothel when she realizes her true identity as the “Lost Princess”.  The original purpose of the hair in Rapunzel is to represent beauty, but in this comic Rapunzel is more than just the hair on her head.

Comic by: Conservatoons 

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